Virtual Reality Roller Coaster for Google Cardboard VR App Reviews

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VR RollerCoaster Thrill!

Fantastic virtual reality roller coaster experience. I know Apple is really pushing AR right now, but I hope next year instead of pushing augmented reality they move to VR!


Well every time I try to get on it, back to home screen I go! Wast of time and space! Don't recommend!!!

Graphics overlaid

Graphics overlaid making it hard to watch and focus


Horrible horrible horrible horrible horrible horrible horrible horrible

Animation, not real video

It's ok. More for kids.

Good but.....

I like it but it goes in the same exact spot other than that I love it

Needs adjustment

This program gives double images with my Kellogg's VR viewer. Same as all the other VR apps. Why can't these programs come with a way to adjust this manually?


Good app

Loved it

I love roller coaster and this app really scared me up... work good with my headset....

Good game

Virtual Reality Roller Coaster for Google Cardboard VR game is amazing and it si the super fine game in appstore and it's really great game and keep ut the great work.

Great aap

Excellent app for our child if u wand to trend your child then download app i like this app very interesting with many kind for kids.good graphics this game

Virtual reality roller coaster

It is one of the best app. When I use it, I experience something like some when I use google cardboard. I loved it. Perfect game for VR

Cool VR app

really it,s a great app and very enjoyble for me thanks for make this app.

Great 3D VR

Extremely entertaing and runs great. Great much you can actually do and great maps and graphics.

Nice funny game

Virtual reality roller coaster for google cardboard really nice apps.i like it good work developer I feel like flying on sky. It's sharing much more my group.

Amazing app

Really amazing. I could play a vr video on my device. I will play it when i have free time

Virtual Reality

One of the best VR demos. Its so fun i swear you can feel it better than other app🎸🎗🏵🎗🎗

Great work

Really nice work good work credit goes to developers

Amazing funny game!

What a amazing funny game it is! I loved your game so much! I feel like I'm flying on sky! Thanks for your game! Please, keep update!


Fun and relax game, cute virtual, I love it so much, will recommend to all my friends, five stars for this job 😀

great vr game

its super fun vr game with nice graphics and amazing motion. i love it

Cool game

Nice graphics and cool experience with the VR mode. Fun game! :). It's like you're really there!

Amazing VR technology

The app has amazing VR technology used and I love to watch with VR glass on iPhone

Love it!

Works well on my iphone 6 and sounds amazing with the headphones that came with my phone. I wish i could use all my apps with the cardboard app! Love it.

Best VR.

I love it because it's 3D in the actual vitual reality machine. Great idea to provide this kind of app. I would recommend it to anyone. Thanks for making this app.

This is not good at all

Like my gosh this only for baby's this app only has one roller coaster need more😡😡😡😡👿

Nice game

Roller coster is wonderful game.very good design and its very interesting game i love playing this good game

Nice App

Rollercoaster ride experience in VR boost confidence of my son. Definitely like the app. Enjoyed.


I loved this game. It is perfect suitable game to view in VR box.

Love it!

Apps from this developer have a stunning 3D engine with low-latency. As I spin the phone, the camera changes instantly and the final image is also awesome keeping in mind that it's only a mobile phone rendering it. One of the best VR demos out there. highly recommended.

good game

I have been playing this game for the last 3 months and it has been working great! I like sharing my moments with my friends.


This app works great and is an amazing way to demo the potential of VR. I love the audio effects and the immersive landscape. Its worth more than just 5 stars....

Totally getting the full game

The closest to a full vr game i've seen so far. The level design and controls are awesome. Head tracking is smooth, im impressed!!

Awesome game!

This game is speechless and its so amazing, its the best game i've ever played! It was really impressive! Well done! And plus the controls are easy! You should install it right now!

Best app!

I like the interface and the fact that the app works as a portal for every app installed in the device. The included demos are nice and the VR UI is pretty and intuitive. Thanks for developer. 5 stars


Fantastic app, People literally can't believe their eyes when i make them experience Cardboard! The magnet pull is a great idea. I love this app. Thank you!

Great app.

This app is so much better compared to the other virtual reality apps. Great job! I recommend you try this out if trying VR for the first time.

VR coaster game

Best coaster game specially I love this Vr racing game just amazing Thanks guys

What's the point

You just go around in the same roller coaster and fall asleep during that. This app is reallly boringg

Great app

This is the app i was looking for. Proding nice view with smooth ui and features.

Awesome Fun with virtual Rollercoster

Great app indeed enjoy the Roller coster ride on your iPhone now Amazing game To play Thumbs up Put on the VR and enjoy the ride dude

Cool VR!!!

Rollercoaster is an amazing VR app. Graphics and sound quality are great. All features are so cute and interesting. Most addictive VR app. I love this app.

Shhht! Awesome

My heart dropped when play this app. Very real and fantastic emotion. Like it

Nice Google Cardboard VR game

Love it to play most of the time. It's very addictive game. Nice visual and easy gameplay. It's a cool time passing game. Recommended to all!


Today, I downloaded this app and tested it, I really like it. Feelings, images, sounds very grand and wonderful. My brother and I had fantastic time with this game. It's so fun

Funny roller coaster

This is amazing. It feels real roller coaster when it works. Great job done by developer. Nice acceleration, motion works in this game. Full of thrill and entertaining.


What a wonderful app. I will share with my friends. Thank you for developing.


Best free app . I downloaded for my daughter and I still love the apps. Seems so real that I can't believe it!

Fun at first but.....

It really got my attention when I first got my vr for Christmas but then it was like a one time thing. It was only one roller coaster. It was boring after the first time so I deleted. Might be better if it had more roller coasters.

Real roller coaster

I love this 3D virtual roller coaster experience and play it on my iPhone easily

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